Month: May 2016

Porn induced erectile dysfunction and how to beat it

I am suffering from porn-induced erectile dysfunction. And, if you are reading this, you might do the same. It is beyond crazy that we live in a time, were guys in their TWENTIES and even guys in their TEENS have trouble getting an erection to real woman. What is even more crazy is that the fact that this loss of erectile ability isn’t really heard about in the mainstream yet. When I realised that I couldn’t “get it up” with real woman anymore I had no idea that porn might be the reason for it. I haven’t heard of it in the News. No one in the radio talked about it. And even my doctors (I think I went to 4 of them) were absolutly CLUELESS and couldn’t really give me a suggesstion how to fix it. I made the suggesstion to go on testosterone-replacement-therapy. My doctor prescribed me the T but my ability to get hard didn’t really improve from it. My urologist told me that physicly everything is okay with me and my dick should be able to function properly. He suggested to see a psychologist and that my issues are probably realted to my psychology and my views on sex. At this time I wasn’t sure about it. After some research however I know that my views on sex have nothing to do with my ED. I don’t really have any “bad” views on sexuality. I discovered something that I could not really believe when I found it.

This site tells you about erectile dysfunction and how it appears because of the overconsumtion of porn. At first I couldnt believe anything I saw. The statistics. The videos. It all appeared to me like some giant scam. Something to make people paranoid. But then again, why would they put so much effort in building a site to bash pornography just for the sake of it. It was still surreal to me but I decided to give it a try. I didn’t had anything to lose afterall. I tried it for a couple of times but failed miserably. I didn’t take the information really seriously and I thought people just want to make me stay away from porn because of some moral reasons. I had a girlfriend during the time I tried to quit and with her I was mostly able to have sex. However I had to “force” myself everytime to get an errection. Often times it wasn’t possible at all and 99 percent of the time I was not able to cum at all. I think I had like 4 orgasms during our entire relationsship.

The real turning point came at the 16.01.2016. I could not take anything of this anymore. I hated to have not much of a sex life. I hated the fear of bringing girls home and not getting hard with them. I did not want to have a Asexual relationship all my life just because I could not stop masturbating to porn. None of this shit anymore. The only solution was to quit porn, masturbation and orgasms alltogether (No PMO). And so I did. Today is the 31.05.2016 and I am not over my erectile dysfunction yet.Even after more then 4 entire months of staying away from porn (with the exeption of maybe 4 relapses) I am still not able to have normal sex with a girl anytime I want. My libido still comes and go in phases. Everything is getting better though. And I am definatly better then when I freshly started this journey. As I read it can take up to a year to fully recover from porn and be able to have a normal again. I give myself 2-8 months to be back to normal again. The fact that I see improvements already gives me hope and keeps me going.

Some things that I noticed since quitting porn:

– No libido whatsoever. I had to turn on porn to get an erection. I was addicted to watching porn and only had the desire to take a look at porn. I had no “libido” because I had no desire for real sex
– I could pretty much only get hard with porn. I had to “force” myself to get it up with a real girl
– No orgasms. I litarally had to “force” myself to get an orgasm and even then it just wasnt possible most of the time
– I was in a dizzy state of mind all the time. I was less focused. And had less desire to talk to people in general. I was okay with sitting in a dark room all day and even prefered it over interacting with people

– Libido is comming back. Slowly but surely. I am still not as horny as I used to be but at least I have stages where I get horny. A couple day ago I was as horny as I haven’t been in years and it felt so great.  can’t wait to have this feeling again on a daily basis
– I can get hard with girls. Still I am lacking consistency. But I am able to get hard with girls on a more regular basis. And the erection quality generally improved.
– A couple days ago I had 2 orgasms in a row! And they came naturall and i didn’t had to force myself to get one. It was incredible
– My mind is more clear and focussed. I can retain information btter and I am more focussed in general.


My problem isn’t unique though. And you should get some hope out of this when you are in the same position. My friend who is a dating-coach told me a lot of his clients have the same issue. He himself is reliant on viagra. He used to watch an insane amount of porn when he was younger and used to do mega-session (5+ hours of porn at the time) just like me. Another friend of mine who just turned 21 took two girls home from a night club last week and was not able to get it up with both of them.

Take it as a warning. Quit porn no matter where you are in life. If you have a GF. If you are able to perform normally at the moment. Or if you already have some issues with your penis. It doesn’t really matter. Because porn will certainly not help you to improve your erection quality or sex life in any way.

This is one of a few articles that I want to write on the subject. Others will include suggesstions on how to stay away from porn and some ways to speed up the recovery process. Quit the porn and stay tuned for more.