Month: June 2016

My financial week and next weeks goals

Okay, so I had a pretty good time financially the last two weeks. I managed to get a couple pojects going that gave me some extra income. The last two weeks my main focus wasn’t to make a lot of money that I actually had to work for. But more so finding way to get some passive income streams going. The money I got was from projects that I “ran into” as well as some stuff that I had going for me since a couple months now. Note that all my living expenses are covered already. So everything I earn, I keep.


– 250€ Doing subtitels for a friend’s video product
– 100€ Bday gift
– 20€ Bday gift
– 15€ Filming a friend for a video product
– 60€ Tutoring

So in total I made 445€ in the last two weeks. A nice little side income. But some of it are birthday gifts (120€). So I obviously can’t be proud of it. I definatly have to find some more ways to get income streams going.

My plan for the comming week is:
• Write a Sales Letter for “the millionaires fastlane” by M.J. DeMarco
• Get a doctors certificate that I need
• Think of 10 new business ideas that can earn me some passive income

I am really driven. The time has come to make some good money. Money is a really important part of life. No matter if you value it or not. Or how much you value it. Money is FREEDOM. And freedom in my opinion is the most important thing in life.

There are two things that I am earning and saving money for:

Goals: 50.000 € for a special “toy” that I need more then anything else in my life
50.000 € for in apartment in a city in europe I want to live in

Do or die. I will either accomlish those goals or die. Straight up. It is a 100k in total. A sum that shouldn’t take that long to earn. Getting by was always my main focus up to this point though. Never making money (at least no SERIOUS attempt to do so). So I wil need some time to figure it out. I will give myself a deadline of 2 years to accomplish my financial goal. 2 years. From this day. In 2 years I will have 100.000 bucks and I will be able to fulfill the two goals I have.


The Millionaire Fastlane by M.J. DeMarco

Since having a new determined mission of making my first million online (as well as sleeping wih 100 chicks), I am currently reading “the millionaire fastlane”, by M.J. DeMarco. I found this book an Victor Pride’s Blog Bold and Determined as a recommendation. I need something to get started. Having my own Blog is a good start. This Book is a good way to get started as well. I have read 3 chapters so far and I already think this book is genius.

What I learned so far:
– There is a slow way and a (relatively) fast way to get rich: A slowlane and a fastlane
– The slowlane is what most success books and gurus recommend: Work, safe money and invest that money
– With that spproach you only get rich by the time you are old and not able to enjoy it as much anymore
– The fastlane is the new way of making money: Creating a way of getting income whether you work, sleep, eat or do whatever
– When you hear about success stories you only hear about the eventual outcome, not the long process behind it
– On your on road to success you have to focus on the process!
The book is really inspirational and insightful. This here is written in my little reading break.

If you want more check out the entire book:

The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime.

New direction of this Blog

A big reason why I started this Blog is to try somthing new and to be active with something. I did not really had any bigger ambitions when I decided to reserve the domain that I have. Get started and everything else will fall into place, right? Right!

Because so it did. My Blog will have a new direction. I was really unfocused in what I want. My bi-polar tendencies are part of the reason. I often start something. Then get emotional over it and just quit what I did before. There is only two things in life that I just quit temporarely. Girls and Business. Because those things (along with health) are the areas where EVERYONE needs to step it up if one wants to have a fullfilled life.

Because of the anti-depressents my doctor prescribed me I had intense side-effects the entire week. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. And I was really intense and paranoid all the time. It was impossible to have a normal conversation with me.

The side-effects started to wear off as I lowered the dosage though. I do feel better at the moment. And I am certainly more focused. Even though my social motivation is really low as I am typing these words.
There is two things that I will do in life before I die:

1. Having slept with 100 girls
2. Made a million bucks

And when I say “in my life” I certainly mean before I hit 30 (I am turning 23 soon). There is nothing that is stopping me. Theoreticly. Because I am a pretty damaged and fragile person. But I am pretty smart too. Look decent. And have a lot of potential. When I play my cards right, I can accomplish anything I want. Especially now that I took something into consideration that I never dreamed of doing before in my life: A psychotherapie and anti-depressents. I am on Sertralin since around a week and will get my psychotherapie approved soon. I think both are necessary for me and so far I have decent results from it.

This Blog will be a documentation about how I will accomplish both of my goals. So it is like a diary. Sometimes it might include random stuff of my life. Other times progress and reports about what I do. I will split my big goal into smaller ones. Something that I can accomplish this year for example. So it’s easier to keep track of what I do and see if I make progress. I am not really an expert in time-management or goal setting (or anything else). So I will out most of it along the way. Feel free to join me on my Journey.

Sertralin – Antidepressents

I am officially on antidepressents now. Sertralin is the medication I get. The diagnose I got is bi-polar disorder. It makes sense. Because I had really harsh mood swings since I am around 16 years old. Turning from someone that  felt ugly and having extremly low self-esteem to someone who is overly self-confidcent and talks about nothing but how he is the shit and will conquer the world. I am 5 days into taking my medication. And I have already some observations about the medicament. Especially regarding it’s side effects.
I took my first pill on the 14.06 at 16 o’clock. Around 30 – 60 minutes later I already felt some of its effects. I felt numb and weird. I couldn’t really talk and couldn’t really smile normally. Later I became massive mood swings. A friend of mine told me that I appear as if I took some drugs like ecstasy or ketamin. I had to laugh for no reason all the time.

Yesterday I took a walk through the city with a friend. I couln’t talk normally. Every time I said something it felt really weird and unnatural. Most of the time I was not talking at all and just felt weird.

Today I started with a lower dosis then usual. My normal dosis was 50 mg. Today I started with 25 mg. I upped the dosis a few hours later. I had the normal dose of 50 mg in my body again. Later I upped it once more. So I had 75 mg of sertralin in my body. The medication throw me off completly. I was tired as never before and slept as if someone drugged me. Two hours later I woke up. It felt like I was sleeping for ages though. Right now I am feeling better then the last days. Still kind of weird though.

Since starting to take this medicament 4 days ago I have had intense mood swings that switch every hour, no appetite that was followed by an really intense appetite, insomia and feeling weak the entire day. I also felt barely any emotions. No matter what I was doing. And I can not have a basic conversation. Which is rather unusual for me because I normally talk quite a lot.

On my way to Kopenhagen

Tomorrow I will go to Kopenhagen. A good friend of mine is visiting me right now and we take the bus together tomorrow night. Things that we will do on our trip:

• Picking up chicks
• Partying
• Have deep conversations about life
• Enjoy ourselves

I am really looking forward to our trip. My friend is a really cool dude and we will have a blast of a time in Kopenhagen. Exploring something new is high on my list and I’ve never been to a scandinavian country.

Around two weeks later we will be in Warsaw, Poland. A city where I have been once already. And it is definatly a city I want to spend some more time in. During a trip I plan to do next year I plan to stay in that city for a longer period of time too.

I am PUMPED UP as fuck. Can’t wait to take the bus tomorrow and go to KOPENHAGEN!

Earning Passive Income

Having an income stream that puts money in your pockets whether you work, drive in your car, chill at the beach or take a nap just feels amazing. This is what abundance feels like. Comming home and seeing that your expenses are low and your income comes into your bank account without you lifting a finger is a very nice thing.

Now I am not a financial expert by any means. I have just a big interest in finance since I was very young. Have read a couple books on that topic. And I am starting out my own journey to financial abundace at the moment.

But the idea how passive income (as a synonym to financial abundace) makes you feel great came today to me after I was checking out my bank-account. I bought stocks from a company 2 years back. That company pays really nice dividends on their stocks. I didn’t even know that their annual general meeting is this month.

However today I checked my bank account. While I didn’t really noticed the increase at first I was scrolling through my income statement and saw that the company just payed out some cash.


It is not a million dollars or anything. But it is a nice feeling non or less. I bought this stock a couple years back as one of my first investments and didn’t really touch it ever sice. The investment was moderate. Maybe a little over 1000€. But it is going well. I collect some dividens and in a couple years I will sell the stock with a nice price increase.

I will write a little bit more about money and business here in the future. But in the meantime I highly encourage you to do your own research about passive income and ways to invest your money in a smart way.

Ways to make passive income:

1. Stocks and Bonds
2. Investing in real estate

Those are two ways to make good passive income. The down-side of those is that you usually already have to have some money that you can invest. Lets say you worked hard in a job for 10 years. Safed a solid amout of money. Now you can look for stocks and properties to buy. The good thing about those is that once you have everything set up (bought a property and have solid tenants or bought quality stocks) you barely have any work with it.

3. Selling your own product
4. Selling someone else product

Here you have to do some work first. You have to buy something that you can sell. You have to set up a website to market the products of other people. Or, you have to create a product (for example an ebook or a video course). You have to get the word out too. It requires some up front work. Just as in stocks and real estate you have to make money first to invest it. Here you don’t really have to have money in the beginning. Besides some small amount for setting up a website maybe. You put the work in first. And collect the dividends later.

As you see: No money is really entirely passive. Nothing in life comes for free. You have to do the work first. You will usually have some moderate time investment as well. For example managing your stocks once a year to see if the ones you bought are still the smartest choice. Managing the website you have. And so on. However most of it is pretty simple and you can either outsource it, or do it in a couple hours yourself.

My suggestion is to increase your income. Minimise your spendings. And then invest the difference in things that make money for you (Stocks, Real Estate, Businesses). This is how you escape the rat race and will be financially free.

In the end you can let me know.. Are you interested in money and finances? Do you currently invest your money? And what types of investments do you have? Let me know in the comments! And see you under the next post.

Reaching New Heights

I am really interested in leg-surgery. It is incredible that we live in a time where we can change pretty much everything we want. Destiny is in our own hands. My hight is something that always concerned me subconciously. But conciously I don’t want to be small anymore. Everyone around you being 5 inches taller then you doesn’t necessarily make you feel like a man. Seeing that all of your girlfriends ex-boyfriends are taller then you is not necessarily the most pleseant feeling on this earth.

There is no reason to bitch about it though. What happened happened and you can’t change what happened. What you can change though is the future. You do not have to stay the person that you are today. And that my friends is a really life affirming thing. You can transform physicly and mentally and actualize yourself. As exactly the person that you want to become.

Money, looks, status, power. It might sound superficial but those are the things I am interested in. Who knows what happens in the future. I might have a family. I might go on a spiritual path and turn my back to this materialistic world. Who knows. What I know though is that right now I am on the path of a actualization. I want to MAX out who I am. What I am. I want to be taller. I want to be bigger. I want to be stronger. Phsicly and mentally. I don’t know what happens after. But I know that this is the path I am on. And I wouldn’t like to have it any other way.

How Overdosing Changed my Life In a Positive Way – Death Gave Me Life

I have never really been a tea drinker. When I was younger I avoided everything that seemed to be healthy. Drinking 2-3 Liters of Coca-Cola everyday simply made me feel better. Maybe not long-tearm. But certainly short-tearm. It was an addiction actually. My mood decreased when I haven’t had my bottle of cola next to me and I even became agressive.

It was not after I got to know my (now) ex-girlfriend that I started to get a little more concious about the way I eat. She was a tea addict and literally drank it all day long. No matter if it was in the morning. The night. For lunch. For dinner. No matter what the time was she made a tea for herself. Being with her I kind of started getting in the habit of it too. After a while she gave me a clear suggestion that I actually should start to drink some more green tea. All I was doing at that time was going to nightclubs and taking every drug under this sun. My eating habits sucked and I wasn’t really sleeping that much. So drinking a cup of tea once in a while didn’t seem to be the worst idea in the world.

I started becomming more (a little) healthier in general. And the tea actually gave me some kind of balance in my otherwise completly fucked up and unconcious lifestyle. My other habits started to change too. And I went to the gym more often and started to eat a little bit healthier. That lasted for a little bit. Then eventually everything fell of the place again. I left my girlfriend. my eating sucked. I was spending way to much money. Went clubbing litarally every day. And I took drugs constantly.

After I left my girlfriend completly (before it was kind of “officially unofficial” – if that makes sense) I went out again. I was angry as fuck that day. I bought a pill. Took half of it. And went to talk to this cute chick that was staring at me all the time. I took the other half. Then another pill. I went to buy some more with the girl that I was hanging out with. 3 more. I took them all that day but didn’t got high.

The come down has been really fucked up though. Like two days later I started. Three days later I was depressed as fuck. I didn’t even know the reason why, until my friend gave me a clue – “uhh.. maybe because of the 5 x you took on sunday??!”. Well.. maybe he was right. I haven’t had a down like this for so long. It was probably more then a year ago that I felt that depressed.

During that peroid I spend most of my time after with a girl that I got to know not long before. We went smoking, I could share all my depressive stories with her and I fucked her a couple times without a condom (she was on the pill but it was still a very stupid decision looking back). However spending time with her really helped me. She showed me how purposeless my life really is and that I need a goal in life. Instead of spending all my time getting fucked up as a form of escapism. She was right!

Slowly I started to adapt healthier habits. I listened to some good self-development tapes. Started reading books. Haven’t been going that often anymore. Stopped taking drugs. Took on some healthier eating habits. I did all kinds of Supplements. And I started to go to the gym again.

The effects this had on my life were drastic. I was in a better mood. Hell, I was in a good mood pretty much constantly. My self-confidence improved and was back to normal again. I was able to concentrate better then ever. I was finally curious about the world again and I was able to retain more knowledge then I ever could before in my life. I felt better. I outlined what I want out of my life. And I took action in the direction I wanted to.
I will write more about what specificly I did to change my mood/my habits/my life so drasticly in furture posts. I am realy happy with the direction that I am taking at the moment. And I will keep you posted about my journey. Sometimes it just takes a depressed day or week to change your life completly. The depressed week I had after leaving my girlfried was probably the best thing that happened in my life.

My Trip to Frankfurt – Embracing Masculinity

And here we go! I am leaving my beautiful and lovely city and go to Frankfurt for a few days. Why am I doing so? A friend of mine who is a dating coach is going there. He has a Client from Frankfurt who wants him to come to his city and work on his pick up skills. My friend wrote me yesterday at 11 pm.:

“btw do you wanna come with me to Frankfurt?”
“Sounds cool. When you wanna go?”
“In like 4 hours.”

I was really bemused by his spontaniety. However this was a little bit to short tearm for me.
Especially because I had to pick up something that day from the pharmacy.

I also had to think about it. Do I really want to go to Frankfurt? What will I do there? Do I like the city enough? Is it cool enough for me?
Well, what I dislike more then making a stupid decision is regretting something that I did not do. Also nothing is really stopping me at the moment. I have no commitments. And I have the freedom to travel as well as some money to do so. The only thing I am busy with at the moment are girls and my Blog. Well, I can write my Blog from everywhere (I’m doing in in the bus right now). There are chicks ready to be picked up in pretty much every city around the world. So that isn’t really a problem either.
And I fucking like to experience something new!! The thing that conviced me in the end though was going to this kind of shady city and having some cool experiences with my friend. Especially with this friend. I like hanging out with him and I can learn a lot from him. I am really blocking myself at the moment. I just want to get one area of my life handled. Probably the hardest area that I ever had to face. My social life. Or to put it more accurately: My Sex Life. I don’t live a life of choice. And that means I am a slave. Everyone assums that I am such a pimp and so good with girls. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am still just a scared little boy. That is all that I am. I don’t have choice. I have a lot of anxiety. And I am extremly reliant on other peoples approvel. I get lucky once in a while with girls that choose me.

But this is NOT what I want. I want to get the girls I desire. I want to have A LOT of choice. And I want to align my self-image with reality. And I will do it during the next couple days. And my friend will help me with it.

I will face my fears. I will get the fear of rejection out of my system and be able to approach the girls that I want whenever I want. I want to bang hot girls CONSITENTLY. And I want to KNOW for myself that I can get laid WHENEVER I want to do so.

So the Action-Plan for the next 3 days is:
1. Hanging out with my friend
2. Approaching a lot of hot girls
3. Faceing my fear of rejection and getting over my anxiety
4. Getting all the information I possibly can out of my friends head into mine

I will face my fears and devellop as a person on that trip. If I don’t fuck a girl and don’t get over my anxiety I will just kill myself. Seriously. It is time to be that cool and social guy that I always wanted to be. It is time to transform to the person that I already am. And that actually comes more natural to me than this weird persona that I choose to embody right now. Fuck that. I want to fuck and get girls on the regular. I want to have choice, abundance and what I want out of life.

When I am back from this trip I am a new man. I will go to Poland directly after and practise my new learned skills on the cute polish girls. I will bang those sluts until my dick falls of.

Why you NEED a Sex-Playlist

I finally did mine. Seriously. It was long overdue. You can not just not have a sex-playlist. That is lunatic. Having a sex-playlist makes life so much easier..

So I did it. After all those months and months that I had tracks playing randomly when I had a girl over at my place I finally got myself together. I sat down and choose the tracks that leave you with a good feeling when you are in the process of banging. Or in the process of making the girl comfortable enough to bang you. For that matter.

It was always extremly annoying when you are chilling with a girl. The room fills with a sexually charged conversation and seductive eye-contact. And then suddenly the music switches from chill house tunes to a dark techno track. Oh lord, how can you be so cruel?

What is even more annoying is my own OCD type of behavior. I am making out with a girl on my sofa. In my mind I am already one step ahead and thinking about how I will take her on my bed and then fuck her hard. However. In exactly that moment the music switches. The transition isn’t smooth at all. And I can’t get out of my head how this sond is annoying me at that moment. So I stop the make out. Go on my soundcloud. And switch to another song. The girl busts out some laughs at the same time and has a face like “is this really just happening?”. Yes honey, it is. I enjoy making out with you. But I can’t if the track isn’t adding to the atmosphere. I’m sorry.

I am glad all this is a thing of the past now. I have my playlist together. And as it always is, when I was done I asked myself why I haven’t made it earlier. It was a thing of 20 minutes and the benefits are basicly unlimited. So if you don’t have one already. Open your soundcloud or YouTube right now and put some cool/chill/sexy songs together. So you always have something to play when you have a girl over.