Everyone needs a Mission in Life

Everyone does. And you will know that I am right if you don’t have a mission. If you have a mission. Or if you suddenly found your mission after being without one for so long.

It is empowering to create something and to be busy with something no matter what happens in the outer world. I can get fired from my job but still be optimistic because I am following my mission. The wall street can collapse tomorrow. I am still optimistic. I am on my mission in life.

Life is really hard if you do not have a mission. Because your mission is your purpose. And without your purpose you are impotent. Nothing has meaning. You go to your job but its just a way for you to earn money. Your spend time with your family but it is meaningless. You have nothing to give because you don’t know your place in this world.

Your job is just a way to support yourself when you have a mission. Or it is a part of your mission. It is seldom somthing in between. You work in some fuck-up job to pay the bills or you work in a bank because finances are your lifes mission. Something in between doesn’t exist.

You better figure out your mission in life or you will never know what living really is about.

What is my mission? A lot of people probably ask themselves this question. Of course. How should they know what their mission is if they have been to busy following other peoples advise all their life and never making the effort to think for themselves.

Welcome to a harsh place called reality. Where grown-ups live and make their own decisions. You are know one of them. So get some focus. Activate your brain and start thinking for yourself.

What is your passion? Deep down inside you already know it. It is likely that it is someting that you loved to do as a kid. Or something that you feel you have to do on a daily basis but have been always to afraid to go for. Maybe because you have been afraid to fail.

What is is that you want to do? No one can really answer you that question. No one but yourself. You know what it is. Everyone who is meant to have a mission knows. Maybe you like to write. Maybe you like to teach. Maybe you are meant to inspire other people. You might have a talent when it comes to maths or science. Something is in you. Deep down.

Find out what it is and let it out. Start today.


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