5 Cool Songs that YOU need to listen to – TECHNO/HOUSE EDITION

Here are 5 songs that I really enjoy listening to at this moment. In my last post I already talked a little bit about my relationship to music and how my music taste changed over the years. I listen to everything really and don’t descriminate any specific type of music. But I have a huge love for electronic music. Here a five songs that I really enjoy listening to at this moment. In no specific order:

1. Phonogenic – Release the dancer

I have heared this one in a DJ-Set from POR.NO in Sisyphos. To be more specific I’ve heared it on soundcloud. But it was the set he was playing in Sisyphos. I love the intensety of this song. The hard main beat that is pumping, as well as the nuances that are playing in the backround as you go deeper into the song. Really nice track. The song made it into my list of liked tracks only recently as I was shazaming it. Since then I play it back and forth.

2. Pan-Pot – Sleepless (Stephan Bodzin Remix)

Pan-Pot is a name that I heared the first time around one year ago when we were hitting on some girls in a park that we used to chill at in summer. The girl I was talking to was kind of alternative/hippieish. Like a combo that is kind of hard to describe. She was really into electronitc music and told me about Pan-Pot. I kind of kept an eye on Pan-Pot since that day. This is a song I discovered while listening to Pan-Pots Boiler Room Set on Youtube. They played in Watergate. This was their closing song. Amazing tunes. Pretty chill song that I can’t get enough from.

3. Einmusik – Karusell

Another pretty chill song. It appered randomly in my YouTube-playlist recently as I was listening to some tunes. This song was produced by the Berlin-based label owner and producer “Einmusik”. It’s a really catchy tune and I wasn’t really able to get it out of my head since I listened to it the first time. A cool and chill Techhouse song.

4. Jürgen Paape – So Weit Wie Noch Nie

A classic. The first time I listened to this song was when I started to go to techno clubs. Must have been around two years ago. They played it for the closing and I was hooked immediatly. What a beatiful mix between classic and melodic music/vocals and hard techno beats. I don’t know if this is the same version they play in the clubs since it is some time ago that I actualy heared it playing in a club. The song is awesome non or less. And I had a great time everytime it was playing in a club. And a lot of emotions associated to it.

5. Anna – Distractions (Original Mix)

This is a song I discovered listening to a promo video from Richie Hawtin recently. Really cool song. One of the harder song of this playlist too. But as catchy as the other ones. What I love the most is the slow build up from this song. It starts very slow with only the snare and some backround beats. Slowly but surely the other intruments are kicking in. One after the other. After 2 minutes everything has kicked in and the song gets really melodic while the backround beats are still playing. Amaazing song. Really nice song with a slow build up that ends in a cool meldoic tune.


A relatively mixed list. Pretty chill in general though. Most of the songs are really cathy and hard to get out of your head. I am pretty shure you can get something out of that playlist. Generally people like my music taste and get some new tunes to listen to when they visit me. So I think you will have some new cool songs to play. Or at least you’ve widened your horizon with some electronic beats. If you liked this post keep an eye on my Blog, since I plan to do those kind of “top 5-posts” on the regular. Also if you have any cool electronic songs, or just any music in general that you find interesting/cool, let me know in the comments!


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