Techo Over Everything – How My Taste in Music Changed Over the Years

I am a big music fan. Especially (but not necessarily exclusively) electronic music. Techno, House, you name it. It hasn’t always been that way though. In fact my music taste developed/changed a lot over the years. When I was younger I listened to what my friends listened to. It was mostly american rap music. 50 Cent, Eminem and similar stuff. Mostly those two though. My friends were involved in all kinds of stuff and always up to date with music. I loved music but didn’t necessarily had any idea where to get my stuff from. So I mostly listened to their music.

As I grew older I still loved listening to rap music. At that time it was german rap though. Hard and agressive songs have always been my favorite and I was known in school to be really up to date when it comes to music and knowing pretty much the lyrics to every song that got released.

Things changed drasticly after me and my friends started playing the game “Guitar Hero” on Playstation. While I had absolutly no interest in Rock and Heavy Metal before (mostly because I never actually listened to a song and thought “this just isn’t for me”). After playing this game and actually listening to a couple of those songs got me hooked on that music. How could I have ever listened to this rap shit?

I started listening to Nirvana, Metallica and Megadeth. The later one became my absolute favorite band later and I was listening to all the albums and knew pretty much every song from them.

After I moved out of home officially at the age of 19 my music taste would change drasticly once again. I started going out more and more. Mostly to Mainstream clubs. I wasn’t necessarily “hooked” on clubbing but it was a nice way to pass some time. I got my girlfriend at that time and she kind of associated the Mainstream electronic music with me (Martin Garrix, Hardwell, etc.). I kind of liked the electronic music and the mood it was giving me. I slowly started only to listen to this kind of music. It really pumped up my mood and seemed to fit my self-image really well.

It wasn’t long after that I got introduced to the Techno Scene. My music taste swiched once again. But this time I was more convinced then ever that this kind of music was the “right-one” for me. I started going to techno clubs every weekend. Every day is probably more accurate. I was hooked on it. I found my “scene”. Amazing soundsystems. Music that is the main attraction for people to go into a club. Amazing sounds, cool people, a VERY open culture and constant drug use. The music combined with the “lifestyle” was fascinating me. It was as if I found what I have been looking for since my childhood. A place to feel at home. It was like I found paradise on earth. Clubs became my church. The DJ was my preacher. And drugs and dancing has been my way of praying.

Now, I am not into this lifestyle anymore. It was a stage like everything else is in life. A lot of it was just escapism now that I look back. A way of coping with my loneliness and the lack of meaning in my life. However I still have a deep appreciation for that music. And if you ever want to be part of a REAL party, I will intruduce you to some of the best clubs in this world. Stuff that you have never seen before. And you will have an experience that is not easy to repeat.

Over the years my music tasted chance a lot. What stayed the same is that I loved and always will love music. Agressive music is and was always my favorite. Hard rap with agressive lyrics, strong heavy metal riffs and deep techno beats. When I listen to something I have to feel the energy that the artist is putting into it. I have to feel my blood rushing when putting on a song.


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