Why you NEED a Sex-Playlist

I finally did mine. Seriously. It was long overdue. You can not just not have a sex-playlist. That is lunatic. Having a sex-playlist makes life so much easier..

So I did it. After all those months and months that I had tracks playing randomly when I had a girl over at my place I finally got myself together. I sat down and choose the tracks that leave you with a good feeling when you are in the process of banging. Or in the process of making the girl comfortable enough to bang you. For that matter.

It was always extremly annoying when you are chilling with a girl. The room fills with a sexually charged conversation and seductive eye-contact. And then suddenly the music switches from chill house tunes to a dark techno track. Oh lord, how can you be so cruel?

What is even more annoying is my own OCD type of behavior. I am making out with a girl on my sofa. In my mind I am already one step ahead and thinking about how I will take her on my bed and then fuck her hard. However. In exactly that moment the music switches. The transition isn’t smooth at all. And I can’t get out of my head how this sond is annoying me at that moment. So I stop the make out. Go on my soundcloud. And switch to another song. The girl busts out some laughs at the same time and has a face like “is this really just happening?”. Yes honey, it is. I enjoy making out with you. But I can’t if the track isn’t adding to the atmosphere. I’m sorry.

I am glad all this is a thing of the past now. I have my playlist together. And as it always is, when I was done I asked myself why I haven’t made it earlier. It was a thing of 20 minutes and the benefits are basicly unlimited. So if you don’t have one already. Open your soundcloud or YouTube right now and put some cool/chill/sexy songs together. So you always have something to play when you have a girl over.


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