My Trip to Frankfurt – Embracing Masculinity

And here we go! I am leaving my beautiful and lovely city and go to Frankfurt for a few days. Why am I doing so? A friend of mine who is a dating coach is going there. He has a Client from Frankfurt who wants him to come to his city and work on his pick up skills. My friend wrote me yesterday at 11 pm.:

“btw do you wanna come with me to Frankfurt?”
“Sounds cool. When you wanna go?”
“In like 4 hours.”

I was really bemused by his spontaniety. However this was a little bit to short tearm for me.
Especially because I had to pick up something that day from the pharmacy.

I also had to think about it. Do I really want to go to Frankfurt? What will I do there? Do I like the city enough? Is it cool enough for me?
Well, what I dislike more then making a stupid decision is regretting something that I did not do. Also nothing is really stopping me at the moment. I have no commitments. And I have the freedom to travel as well as some money to do so. The only thing I am busy with at the moment are girls and my Blog. Well, I can write my Blog from everywhere (I’m doing in in the bus right now). There are chicks ready to be picked up in pretty much every city around the world. So that isn’t really a problem either.
And I fucking like to experience something new!! The thing that conviced me in the end though was going to this kind of shady city and having some cool experiences with my friend. Especially with this friend. I like hanging out with him and I can learn a lot from him. I am really blocking myself at the moment. I just want to get one area of my life handled. Probably the hardest area that I ever had to face. My social life. Or to put it more accurately: My Sex Life. I don’t live a life of choice. And that means I am a slave. Everyone assums that I am such a pimp and so good with girls. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am still just a scared little boy. That is all that I am. I don’t have choice. I have a lot of anxiety. And I am extremly reliant on other peoples approvel. I get lucky once in a while with girls that choose me.

But this is NOT what I want. I want to get the girls I desire. I want to have A LOT of choice. And I want to align my self-image with reality. And I will do it during the next couple days. And my friend will help me with it.

I will face my fears. I will get the fear of rejection out of my system and be able to approach the girls that I want whenever I want. I want to bang hot girls CONSITENTLY. And I want to KNOW for myself that I can get laid WHENEVER I want to do so.

So the Action-Plan for the next 3 days is:
1. Hanging out with my friend
2. Approaching a lot of hot girls
3. Faceing my fear of rejection and getting over my anxiety
4. Getting all the information I possibly can out of my friends head into mine

I will face my fears and devellop as a person on that trip. If I don’t fuck a girl and don’t get over my anxiety I will just kill myself. Seriously. It is time to be that cool and social guy that I always wanted to be. It is time to transform to the person that I already am. And that actually comes more natural to me than this weird persona that I choose to embody right now. Fuck that. I want to fuck and get girls on the regular. I want to have choice, abundance and what I want out of life.

When I am back from this trip I am a new man. I will go to Poland directly after and practise my new learned skills on the cute polish girls. I will bang those sluts until my dick falls of.


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