Reaching New Heights

I am really interested in leg-surgery. It is incredible that we live in a time where we can change pretty much everything we want. Destiny is in our own hands. My hight is something that always concerned me subconciously. But conciously I don’t want to be small anymore. Everyone around you being 5 inches taller then you doesn’t necessarily make you feel like a man. Seeing that all of your girlfriends ex-boyfriends are taller then you is not necessarily the most pleseant feeling on this earth.

There is no reason to bitch about it though. What happened happened and you can’t change what happened. What you can change though is the future. You do not have to stay the person that you are today. And that my friends is a really life affirming thing. You can transform physicly and mentally and actualize yourself. As exactly the person that you want to become.

Money, looks, status, power. It might sound superficial but those are the things I am interested in. Who knows what happens in the future. I might have a family. I might go on a spiritual path and turn my back to this materialistic world. Who knows. What I know though is that right now I am on the path of a actualization. I want to MAX out who I am. What I am. I want to be taller. I want to be bigger. I want to be stronger. Phsicly and mentally. I don’t know what happens after. But I know that this is the path I am on. And I wouldn’t like to have it any other way.


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