On my way to Kopenhagen

Tomorrow I will go to Kopenhagen. A good friend of mine is visiting me right now and we take the bus together tomorrow night. Things that we will do on our trip:

• Picking up chicks
• Partying
• Have deep conversations about life
• Enjoy ourselves

I am really looking forward to our trip. My friend is a really cool dude and we will have a blast of a time in Kopenhagen. Exploring something new is high on my list and I’ve never been to a scandinavian country.

Around two weeks later we will be in Warsaw, Poland. A city where I have been once already. And it is definatly a city I want to spend some more time in. During a trip I plan to do next year I plan to stay in that city for a longer period of time too.

I am PUMPED UP as fuck. Can’t wait to take the bus tomorrow and go to KOPENHAGEN!


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