Masculinity defined – How to Become a MAN in a feminised society

Becomming a man is what you NEED to do. When you read those words that I am typing at this moment then you need to. There is a reason you found me. And there is a reason those words found you.

Something in your life is not going the way it should. Maybe you can’t point your finger on what it is but there is certainly something that is not right. It is the lack of masculine Energy in your life. The lack of masculinity. The lack of direction.

What is your life worth living for?

If you are like most man, probably not much. You NEED to find your path/ purpose/ direction in life. Otherwise your Life will be dead and meaningless.

Suggestions on how to find your purpose in life:
– Self discovery: Discover yourself. Travel where you want. Follow your calling and go whereever your heart tells you to go. Life a life where you are actually ALLIVE, and not only a dead shell.
– Write your life down: It is valueble to track what you do on a daily basis. Write a Blog, a diary or just some short stories. You will discover sides of yourself that you weren’t even aware of. Follow your emotions and what they tell you. Accept what happened and be exited for the future adventures that you will take
– What do your emotions tell you: Are you focused on the outside world? Or on your inner feelings? Your emotions and your own energy. If you spend to much time in the outer world you let the option of others and outside circumstances define who you are. Don’t get lost in that trap. Listen to yourself first, before you listen to anyone else. Discover your own emotions and feel inside your body for at least 10 minutes a day.


Exercise to talk and talk (Never run out of things to say)

Yoooo guys!!

Okay, here is a quick post on something that I struggeled with for years. How to come up with content and NEVER run out of things to say.

Depending on where you are comming from this might sound like an impossible task. When I was younger I certainly never thought something like this would be possible. Even for an natural introvert I was unusually quiet in pretty much every situation.

After discovering what I am about to show you, as well as practising it for a while, I can comments all the time now about my seeming extroversion, talkactiveness and witiness.

How do YOU never run out of things to say?

Okay, so the concept I am about to show you is fairly easy. All it takes to implement is daily PRACTISE from your side.

If you want to be able to talk forever you have to train your brain to come up with content all the time.

So right now what you do is pick out a random object thats near you. It can be anything. A random word. A country. Whatever.

Lets take the word book as an example.

Now we have our first word to beginn with. From that point on all you have to do is associate everything you can and have in your mind with the word book.

I like reading books. It’s my favorite activity. My favorite book is “The Power of Now”. What I like about this book is …

Okay, that is the gerneral gist. You have a topic and you associate EVRYTHING you can back to that topic.

But we don’t stop there of course. Because while you can talk on forever. You can not talk about ONE subject forever. Book is the starting subject and from that topic you continue switching to other topics from there.

Lets take our example again:
I like reading books. It’s my favorite activity. My favorite book is “The Power of Now”. What I like about this book is it’ colour. It’s green.

Green is a beautiful colour. All plants in my room are green. My favorite t-shirt also has the colour green.

What I like about t-shirts is …

Don’t worry if there is no “link” between the words you are saying. It’s just supposed to train your mind with content. The words will just fly out of your mouth.

That’s it! Do this 5 minutes everyday and you will be the Verbal King.