How To Start A Blog

Are you looking for a more rewarding work? Do you want to supplement your income by picking up some side gigs online? Pick up some extra consulting opportunities? Build a community of like minded people? Or even make a complete living online?

All of it is possible these days. And it is very simple too. All you have to do is launch your own website and build your brand.

Ways to make extra income by having your own Blog:

Create your own product and sell it – you can sell your own product by buying huge amouts of protein powder and repackage it and sell it fr a higher price. You can also create an ebook or a video course and sell it to your readers.

Sell someone else’s product – You can sell a product someone else has created and you will get a % of the purchase price. That is called affiliate marketing.

Sell advertisement on your website – You can sell advertisment directly from a company or use google adsense to do so.

• Sell a service (consulting/coaching) – If you have a successful blog people want to know how you accomplished what you did. You can sell a consulting service and give marketing or SEO advise to people. You can also act as a life coach.

To sell a product or service you need a following that has TRUST in what you say. If you are someone that people admire you can simply put a link of a hairgel you use in your blog and people will buy it. Simply because you are you. And they have trust  because they know that your recommendations are the real deal.

To build a loyal following like this you must be a blogger with integrety and pruduce high-quality content CONSISTENTLY. You will choose a topic you are passionate about and know a lot about so you can give advise to people. Or you will simply document your journey to reach a certain goal and connect with linke minded people along the way. That is up to you.

If your readers have trust in you they want to spend money on you. They want to know as soon as you release new content. They want to buy your products. They want to read the books you recommend. And they want to have the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 conversation with you and get your advice.

Start making money TODAY and set up your own personal Blog: