Be congruent to the person you want to BECOME

If you aren’t where you want to be in life. When you don’t get the results that you want to have, then it is time to change something. You need to BECOME someone else. Only then you can also GET what you want.

Change is hard though. Everything in your body will resist that change. You will procrastinate and trick yourself into believing that you are “taking action”. Even though all you do is sitting around watching YouTube.

Strong commitment is required to make lasting change. You act now through the person you want to be. That is how you actually become that person.

How to make lasting change:
1. Know who you want to be
2. Behave like you already are that person

Fake it till you make it is the sentence to internalise in this case.


Daily Steps

Most of my life I had a hard time following and tracking my goals. Still have. Responsible for it is my ADD. Right now is pretty much the first time in my life that I have goals I actually believe in though. Following up is a must. While I don’t know how the stars align and everything will turn out ultimatly. What I can control is my actions.

There is two things I want to accomplish:

What do I want:
1. Making a lot of money
2. Banging 100 chicks

Why do I want this: Because I want to be the person that I always wanted to be.

What are the steps that I need to do to accomplish that
– Getting better at my skills:
• Writing
• Marketing
• Banging and retaining girls
• Investing money

How do I accomplish that:
To sum everything up in one word: Progress
Everything that hinders me from making progress (lack of motivation, concentration, non defined goals) are obstacles that will be blown away. I will find solutions to takle all of them.

The timetable would look the following:
4 hours a day invested in making money
4 hours a day invested in girls (actively picking up/dates etc.)
1 hour a day reading on my topics

My specific goals:
1. Having 100.000 € cash (50k for an operation, the other 50k for an apartment that I want to buy)
2. Having slept with 100 girls, as well as retaining 4 fuckbuddies for at least 6 months (6+ on my scale)

What are the daily steps that I take to accomplish those goals:
1. Having 100.000 € in Cash:
• building my brand by writing an article or recording a video/podcast
• learning about marketing
• recording a sample for a voice-over (for upwork voice-over gigs)
• writing a sample sales letter (for upwork copy writing gigs)
• get a new Product to sell on my blog and write a sales page (Bathmate)
• taking a step towards some side gig that will bring me money (e.g. buying a car to work as a ueber driver)
• apply for 5 Upwork jobs
• writing a sales page for some offline hustle (e.g. tutoring ads)
• buy something for a low and sell it for a higher price (make at least 50 bucks on it)

2. Banging and retaining girls:
– approaching 5 girls
– being on a date with a new girl (girl that I got to known in the streets/the club)
– going on a date with a girl I already know (day 2 / fuckbuddy)
– finding a solution for a sticking point that I have
– get the girl to get more emotionally invested in you

12 months – banging 100 chicks and retaining for of them (deadline: 01.07.2016)
24 months – having 100.000 in cash (deadline: 01.07.2018)

I will keep myself accountable by having this blog as well as having my own little notebook to keep my daily progress.

No luck needed if controlable variables are involved.

New direction of this Blog

A big reason why I started this Blog is to try somthing new and to be active with something. I did not really had any bigger ambitions when I decided to reserve the domain that I have. Get started and everything else will fall into place, right? Right!

Because so it did. My Blog will have a new direction. I was really unfocused in what I want. My bi-polar tendencies are part of the reason. I often start something. Then get emotional over it and just quit what I did before. There is only two things in life that I just quit temporarely. Girls and Business. Because those things (along with health) are the areas where EVERYONE needs to step it up if one wants to have a fullfilled life.

Because of the anti-depressents my doctor prescribed me I had intense side-effects the entire week. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. And I was really intense and paranoid all the time. It was impossible to have a normal conversation with me.

The side-effects started to wear off as I lowered the dosage though. I do feel better at the moment. And I am certainly more focused. Even though my social motivation is really low as I am typing these words.
There is two things that I will do in life before I die:

1. Having slept with 100 girls
2. Made a million bucks

And when I say “in my life” I certainly mean before I hit 30 (I am turning 23 soon). There is nothing that is stopping me. Theoreticly. Because I am a pretty damaged and fragile person. But I am pretty smart too. Look decent. And have a lot of potential. When I play my cards right, I can accomplish anything I want. Especially now that I took something into consideration that I never dreamed of doing before in my life: A psychotherapie and anti-depressents. I am on Sertralin since around a week and will get my psychotherapie approved soon. I think both are necessary for me and so far I have decent results from it.

This Blog will be a documentation about how I will accomplish both of my goals. So it is like a diary. Sometimes it might include random stuff of my life. Other times progress and reports about what I do. I will split my big goal into smaller ones. Something that I can accomplish this year for example. So it’s easier to keep track of what I do and see if I make progress. I am not really an expert in time-management or goal setting (or anything else). So I will out most of it along the way. Feel free to join me on my Journey.

My Trip to Frankfurt – Embracing Masculinity

And here we go! I am leaving my beautiful and lovely city and go to Frankfurt for a few days. Why am I doing so? A friend of mine who is a dating coach is going there. He has a Client from Frankfurt who wants him to come to his city and work on his pick up skills. My friend wrote me yesterday at 11 pm.:

“btw do you wanna come with me to Frankfurt?”
“Sounds cool. When you wanna go?”
“In like 4 hours.”

I was really bemused by his spontaniety. However this was a little bit to short tearm for me.
Especially because I had to pick up something that day from the pharmacy.

I also had to think about it. Do I really want to go to Frankfurt? What will I do there? Do I like the city enough? Is it cool enough for me?
Well, what I dislike more then making a stupid decision is regretting something that I did not do. Also nothing is really stopping me at the moment. I have no commitments. And I have the freedom to travel as well as some money to do so. The only thing I am busy with at the moment are girls and my Blog. Well, I can write my Blog from everywhere (I’m doing in in the bus right now). There are chicks ready to be picked up in pretty much every city around the world. So that isn’t really a problem either.
And I fucking like to experience something new!! The thing that conviced me in the end though was going to this kind of shady city and having some cool experiences with my friend. Especially with this friend. I like hanging out with him and I can learn a lot from him. I am really blocking myself at the moment. I just want to get one area of my life handled. Probably the hardest area that I ever had to face. My social life. Or to put it more accurately: My Sex Life. I don’t live a life of choice. And that means I am a slave. Everyone assums that I am such a pimp and so good with girls. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am still just a scared little boy. That is all that I am. I don’t have choice. I have a lot of anxiety. And I am extremly reliant on other peoples approvel. I get lucky once in a while with girls that choose me.

But this is NOT what I want. I want to get the girls I desire. I want to have A LOT of choice. And I want to align my self-image with reality. And I will do it during the next couple days. And my friend will help me with it.

I will face my fears. I will get the fear of rejection out of my system and be able to approach the girls that I want whenever I want. I want to bang hot girls CONSITENTLY. And I want to KNOW for myself that I can get laid WHENEVER I want to do so.

So the Action-Plan for the next 3 days is:
1. Hanging out with my friend
2. Approaching a lot of hot girls
3. Faceing my fear of rejection and getting over my anxiety
4. Getting all the information I possibly can out of my friends head into mine

I will face my fears and devellop as a person on that trip. If I don’t fuck a girl and don’t get over my anxiety I will just kill myself. Seriously. It is time to be that cool and social guy that I always wanted to be. It is time to transform to the person that I already am. And that actually comes more natural to me than this weird persona that I choose to embody right now. Fuck that. I want to fuck and get girls on the regular. I want to have choice, abundance and what I want out of life.

When I am back from this trip I am a new man. I will go to Poland directly after and practise my new learned skills on the cute polish girls. I will bang those sluts until my dick falls of.

Why you NEED a Sex-Playlist

I finally did mine. Seriously. It was long overdue. You can not just not have a sex-playlist. That is lunatic. Having a sex-playlist makes life so much easier..

So I did it. After all those months and months that I had tracks playing randomly when I had a girl over at my place I finally got myself together. I sat down and choose the tracks that leave you with a good feeling when you are in the process of banging. Or in the process of making the girl comfortable enough to bang you. For that matter.

It was always extremly annoying when you are chilling with a girl. The room fills with a sexually charged conversation and seductive eye-contact. And then suddenly the music switches from chill house tunes to a dark techno track. Oh lord, how can you be so cruel?

What is even more annoying is my own OCD type of behavior. I am making out with a girl on my sofa. In my mind I am already one step ahead and thinking about how I will take her on my bed and then fuck her hard. However. In exactly that moment the music switches. The transition isn’t smooth at all. And I can’t get out of my head how this sond is annoying me at that moment. So I stop the make out. Go on my soundcloud. And switch to another song. The girl busts out some laughs at the same time and has a face like “is this really just happening?”. Yes honey, it is. I enjoy making out with you. But I can’t if the track isn’t adding to the atmosphere. I’m sorry.

I am glad all this is a thing of the past now. I have my playlist together. And as it always is, when I was done I asked myself why I haven’t made it earlier. It was a thing of 20 minutes and the benefits are basicly unlimited. So if you don’t have one already. Open your soundcloud or YouTube right now and put some cool/chill/sexy songs together. So you always have something to play when you have a girl over.