How To Keep Your Valuebles Safe – Stash Your Cash

It is human nature wanting to have the ability to hide certain things and keep them at a place where no one (especially strangers) are unable to find them. For me this was certainly always the case. When I was younger I was always looking out for places where no one would expect to find certain things. And I was always very pround when I found a nice hideout.

Things didn’t change when I got older. Just the hideouts did. I want to be as open and transperent as possible. The more you are in alignment with yourself, the less you have to hide. The less nervous you get when your friends or family want to check what you have in your shelf, your phone (or your browser history). The less of a creap you are the less you get in panic when someone takes your phone in his hands (and the less you have to clean your browser history).

However there is things you dont want people to have an imidiate look at or get their hands one and soon as they enter your room. Money would be an example. Other things would be an example as well. Having good places to stash what’s impostant to you and what you don’t necessarily want everyone to see are mandatory. Here you have a couple of things that keep your secrets a secret.

May Vary – Book Diversion Safe

First things first. If you have a couple boos laying around this gadget is perfect for you. It has a good size to hide a good amount of stuff in it. You can easily fit youpassport in it, put some bank cards into it and stash your cash. Its pretty much invisible if you put it next to your other books. Especially when its on the bottom of your shelf. Or even better. Put some of your old books in a box and put this book with your stahed valuebles in it. No one will ever find it and you will have it ready when the time comes.

Phillips Head Screwdriver Security Container – Diversion Safe Stash Safe

Another amazing gadget to hide your stuff is this realistic looking screwdriver. You open it and you can put your stuff inside. In comparison to the book this screwdriver is better for smaller things. You wont be able to hide your ID or your bank card in it. This Safe is perfect for pills, powders or smaller amounts of cash.

Note: While the screwdriver looks very realistic you can not actually use it to screw. Put it next to some tools and no one will see a difference though.

Lighter Stash Spot Diversion Safe

No one will notice that this little lighter is in fact meant to keep your things hidden. It is perfect for useing it for smaller things. Once you get used to it you don’t want to put your hands off of it ever again. I barely leave my house without this lighter anymore. You can use it to hide powders, little notes or pills in it. It is not meant for paper money even id the piture suggests otherwise.

Can Diversion Stash Container + Free Pack of 1 1/4 Rasta Wrap

Love this one. It looks like regular industrial oil and is pretty much invisible when you put it next to other household items. Smear a little bit of oil on the box and it will make it look even more realistic. You can fit a lot of your valuebles inside and it is perfect for using it to keep your jewellery, ID or your cash hidden. No one will assume that this little box is in fact a stash for your secret things.